Hi, we're Tabitha & Florian, a 20-something years old couple based in Cologne, Germany.

Most of us have no clue what we really want in life. We're taught to finish school, then get a job to make some money, buy a house, ... and still feel empty. And that's what happened to us. We both studied, had our corporate jobs and felt like something was missing. Like everything was missing.

We decided to make a change: live each day with passion and do each thing with intention. Our passion then turned into our purpose, and now we're working in different areas, always with the same intention: bring value to people, in life and business.

We capture stories in thoughtful content, encourage individuals to follow their dreams, and help brands spread their message.


Hotel Melanie

“One of the most genuine hotels in Salzburg region, Hotel Melanie reflects the inextricable beauty of this region with a strong emphasis in beauty, sustainability and modernity.”

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